Loyal Customers – Do You Offer Yours a Little Something Extra?
Posted on May 9, 2013

Customer loyalty is something every business wants but many fail to obtain. They’re good at getting new people through the door, but not so good at keeping them from walking out again. Customer loyalty used to be a commodity that wasn’t all that hard to find. People shopped at the same stores and bought the same brands they always did. But with the explosion of competition and the shopping choices today’s consumer has, shoppers aren’t so quick to stay – which makes finding a loyal customer, rather hard to do.

Savvy businesses are quick to recognize that fact. They realize that their loyal customers are probably there by choice, not because they didn’t have other options; and they’re quick to thank them offering their loyal customers a little something extra – something like:

Bottom line – the best way to create customer loyalty is to treat your customer the way you like to be treated when you’re on the consumer end of the equation. Keeping that in mind, will help you decide the best way you can thank your customers for their loyalty.


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