Keeping Your Balance During Changing Times
Posted on March 10, 2017

Keeping Your Balance During Changing Times

Improving_the-closing-success1Everyone knows that America is in a process of political change, perhaps the most extreme in decades.  However, change is something that successful businesses have been dealing with since the first business was created.

Changes come in many forms, both great and small.  It can come from external forces such as a new or improved business competitor, a new product hitting the market or an old one catching fire, a changing economy, an increase in cost of raw materials, or a changed workforce.  Change can come from internal forces such as striving to improve efficiencies or to correct issues and problems.

So, how can a business be ready to not only survive change, but to also take advantage of the opportunities change can bring?  Interestingly, the answer to that is very similar to the answer to what makes a business successful.

  • Identify and nurture leaders, not only at the top, but throughout the organization.
  • Establish systems of communication between departments, both for specific issues and for long-term information sharing. This can and should be more than just meetings.  E mails and newsletters can also be effective ways of sharing information.
  • Avoid creating organizational silos that hinder not only finding solutions but often even seeing the problems. Set common goals and communicate that goal to all employees.  Create processes to motivate all employees to attain those goals.
  • Set up on –going processes to identify what works and what does not. And then act upon those findings.
  • Keep informed. Informed about not only what your competitors are doing but also with what your customers want, what is happening with your suppliers, what is happening with the economy and in the world.

Companies that manage change well are also the ones poised for the greatest success.  One of the few constants in life is that change will happen.  Successful businesses know this and are ready to deal with and even prosper as change comes.

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