It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year… to Get Engaged
Posted on February 12, 2016

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year… to Get Engaged


Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and what better way to show true love than asking to be with your significant other for the rest of your lives. We all want that moment to be absolutely perfect in every way so here are some unique ideas to make that possible.

Go Flower Crazy

Flowers are beautiful and carry lots of meaning. Plan to meet your loved one at their place (or yours) and just fill the room with dozens of flowers! The colors will look vibrant and the smell will never be forgotten as smell is a strong trigger for memories. For those down south, check out Carithers Flowers in Atlanta, GA. This family owned shop is the largest in the Southeast region so we guarantee you will find what you want. People in the mid-West should visit Flowerama Columbus with four locations in Ohio. They provide primer floral arrangements at all of their convenient locations. Texans should take the opportunity to use McShan Florist in Dallas. The staff is well versed in the meaning of each flower and love designing unique arrangements.

Get Your Furry Best Friend Involved

Pets are important members of the family and can make an adorable proposal. If you already have a four-legged friend, try meeting your future husband or wife at the park. You can attach the ring to the collar and in the box slip a note that says something such as “Will you marry my best friend?”. If you do not yet have a pet (but you want one and can have one) try adopting from your local shelter. Rising a little kitten or puppy together will be like watching your marriage grow.

Find the Most Stunning Ring

The perfect ring alone can make a proposal unique. Having a custom ring or a ring that no one else will have is something your fiancé will love bragging about. Eddie Lane’s Diamond Show Room in Cincinnati, OH is the ideal place to go. They specialize in one-of-a-kind jewelry and they have for over 20 years. You can see all the possible options on their site so you know exactly what you want when the time is right. You could even surprise your future spouse by having the ring ready but tell them you are just there to browse. Have the staff bring the ring out and get down your knee and asking something like “how do you like this on?”, just be ready for the tears when they turn around and see you and the shinning diamonds.

Get Outdoors

For the couples who love the great outdoors, plan a trip to your favorite spot like a beach, camp site, or maybe your first outdoor event together. You can spend the day doing what you love and pop the question when the timing is perfect. If you want, you could even invite some friends to capture the moment to remember forever. Every time to visit that area, you will be able to reminisce about your special day forever, maybe even take your children there one day.

No matter how or what you do to propose, it’s the thought that counts. Make sure to put your heart and soul in to whatever you decide, take your loved ones favorite things into consideration and they will surely say “yes!”.

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