Posted on January 12, 2021


It’s coming. One day your home, your street, maybe even your whole community will lose electrical power. We have all experienced that “uh-oh” moment when the lights first flicker, then fail. The question becomes, “How long will the power be out and are you prepared?”

Thunderstorms and hurricanes bring high winds that can topple trees and damage electrical supply lines. Winter storms, heavy with snow and ice, can knock out power and create extreme difficulty restoring power for repair crews with icy roads and treacherous conditions. In today’s world there are threats to our electrical power grid from outside forces, as well. Many of our substations and electrical service grids are at open risk of attack and sometimes electrical utility companies experience unforeseen issues that may cause your family to suffer an outage.


Recent power outages across the country including Atlanta have lots of homeowners investigating automatic backup generators. Britebox has the expertise and can answer all of your questions and help you be ready. Their system designers have decades of electrical design experience. All of the systems they install come with the industry’s best guarantees and warranties.


Britebox Electrical backs up every new system they install with a 1-year workmanship guarantee. They expect you to be 100% satisfied with their work and craftsmanship.

At Britebox Electrical they know that installing your home backup generator is something that needs careful attention to detail.


What to Know Before You Buy

Sizing and placement of your new home backup generator is unique to every situation. Britebox system engineers will go through a checklist of questions. Since every family has different needs, there are many different types, styles, and sizes available for home backup generator applications to consider.


Here are some things you’ll need to carefully consider before you purchase your new system:


Is anyone in your home medically fragile and in need of electricity to maintain critical systems? Some items might include oxygen generation, mobility needs like electric scooters, stair lifts, electric bed’s, glucose monitors and medications that require refrigeration.


What rooms or spaces do you want to protect? Some may include your kitchen, bedrooms, family rooms, home offices, bathrooms, and basement.


What home systems need support when the lights go out? Some may include air conditioners and heat pumps, home office computers and printers, electric appliances like water heaters, laundry services, TV’s, radios, cell phones, and charging stations, power for electric vehicles, garage doors, and security systems.


Without an automatic home backup system, would you have to relocate to a place with power available? What costs would you incur as a result? What happens if you must shelter in place?


Where is the best play to locate your generator? There are a lot of factors including your community ordinances and H.O.A. regulations, proximity to your home, and more.


What fuel sources are available to you? Your system can run on natural gas, propane and other fossil fuels. Fuel choices like natural gas can offer substantially better dependability and ease-of-use when you need your system the most!


What Can Your Automatic Backup Generator Protect:

Air conditioning/heat pumps
Refrigeration/freezer for food
Medicines and medical equipment
Home security system/video monitoring
Contact with the outside world like your internet, chargers for your cell phones and tablets, laptops
Clean drinking/bathing water
Water heaters
Lighting – inside and outside
Kitchen appliances
Basement sump pump
Washing and drying clothes
Garage door openers
Electric vehicle charging stations
Charging stations for power tools for emergency cleanup
The expense of hotel costs, dining out, and having to relocate your family because there is no power

Keeping Your System in Top-Shape

At the heart of your generator is an engine that runs on a fossil fuel like natural gas, propane, or diesel. This engine generates the electricity that powers your home when the lights go out. And, just like your car’s engine, your generator will require annual maintenance to be ready when your power goes out.


Here’s the basic list of needed annual services they provide with your annual maintenance plan:

Oil change
Oil filter change
Air filter change
Change spark plugs
Battery voltage check
Operational test
Voltage check

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