In the World of Social Media, do Women Rule?
Posted on March 13, 2014

Do Women Rule When it Comes to Social Media? The answer to that question depends on what one means by “rule.” It appears that women use social media in more numbers and more often than do men. This has a lot to do with the different ways men and women use social media.

According to Entrepreneur Magazine, men tend to use LinkedIn (54 percent), a business networking site, and YouTube, which displays numerous videos of all types and thus is not really a social media site at all. Women dominate Twitter (62 percent), Facebook (62 percent), and Pinterest (70 percent), however. Overall 71 percent of women use social media and 62 percent of men do so as well. A study cited in Bit Rebels suggests that women use social media more often as well, with 37 percent accessing it multiple times a day as opposed to 18 percent of men.

Entrepreneur Magazine goes on to point out that 76 percent of adult women use Facebook as opposed to 62 percent of adult men. 30 percent of women check their social media outlets several times a day as opposed to 26 percent of men. 53 percent of women access deals associated with a brand or product as opposed to 36 percent of men, with obvious implications as to whom social media advertising is being geared to.

Finances Online suggests reasons for this phenomenon. Men tend to use social media somewhat passively, emphasizing the “media” aspect by taking in news and sports. Women, on the other hand, tend more toward the “social” aspect, sharing news and other information with friends, a more time consuming activity to be sure. Women are also ahead in using social media with mobile devices. Women interact with brands more often than do men, perhaps reflecting the traditional female role in shopping. Market experts suspect that this may lead to more online advertising being directed to the female market, which could be a way that women not only “rule” social media but use it to rule commerce as well.

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