How to Win a Customer: Three Key Ingredients To Create A Customer For Life
Posted on October 29, 2012

In every business, the customer is the primary focus, and rightly so. Companies spend countless dollars every year training new employees to provide excellent customer service and driving the point home with their current employees. However, the plight of “how to win a customer” can really be answered by doing only a few simple things.

Be a Man/Woman of Your Word

Customers appreciate honesty and integrity in the businesses they frequent.  If you are a business that customers can trust, they will reward you with their business.  For example, there are many auto repair shops out there.  How many of them are a little bit shady, or try to up-sell the customer on repairs that aren’t necessary?  If you present yourself as the type of business who provides the customer with all of the information up front, and you never waiver from what your original assessment was, you’ll find that you gain your customers’ trust much easier.  In the same way, if you say that you’re going to make something right, follow through.  If you are a person of your word, you’ll find customers will not only flock to your business, but they will tell their friends and family who are also looking for someone who offers the services you provide.

Cultivate Relationships

It’s an old saying that when someone purchases a product, they are really purchasing the salesman, not the product.  This statement is very true.  Your customers are investing their time and their money with you when they pay for your products or services.  Take some time to work on your relationships with them individually.  Simply calling them by name when they walk through your doors can have a huge impact.

Take Care Of Your Employees

One of the most common complaints customers have is constantly having to work with a new salesperson or customer service associate when businesses experience turnover.  Of course, you’ll never be able to keep your employees from moving on in their careers or finding a new job.  But, employees who feel like their boss cares about them will stay at a job longer.  Think of some incentives you can offer them that won’t hurt your budget.  Many businesses offer employee of the month programs or they have added a discount gym membership to their benefits package.  These things might seem small to you, but they heap a ton of appreciation on your workers.

Your customers are the lifeblood of your business.  In short, if you take care of them and their needs, they will take care of you and your needs.

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