Posted on December 5, 2021

How to use a Fire Pit Safely

A fire pit can be the center of many family gatherings in the backyard, a consideration in these days of the Covid-19 with more and more people eschewing travel and staying at home. Fire pits come in a variety of forms, metal, fireproof ceramic, and so on. They allow you to have a campfire in your backyard, with all that implies.

A number of safety considerations apply to a fire pit, just as they do with a campfire out in the woods.

First, keep everything that is flammable at least six feet away from the fire pit, including shrubbery, your home, trees, swing sets, and patio furniture. Use moveable folding chairs to sit around the fire pit.

Second, never leave an open flame unattended. Have a bucket of water and a bucket of sand available to put out the fire as needed. A fire extinguisher would be a great idea as well.

Finally, when you are done with the fire, put it out so that there are no glowing embers. What Smokey the Bear always said about preventing forest fires goes doubly for preventing any conflagration caused by your fire pit. Only you can prevent backyard fires.

So, what do you do with a fire pit? You can do anything you would do with a campfire out in the woods, safely in your backyard. You can roast hotdogs, marshmallows, or s’mores. Some fire pits come with grates and other cooking implements that will allow you to turn it into a makeshift grill, to cook anything from hamburgers to sausages. The fire pit becomes the center of a backyard cookout.

Finally, the fire pit becomes the mood setter of any kind of gathering, especially at night when the fire can keep the cold and the dark at bay, a place to gather around and just have some pleasant conversation.

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