Posted on November 14, 2020



How to Tell If You Need a New Roof


All of the seasons have possible negative effects on your roof. Winter freezing and hail can weaken and loosen shingles, spring’s heavy rains and storms can cause major leaks, the summer heat causes your roof to expand and crack, and fall leaves tend to gather and clog gutters. For this reason, it’s smart to have regular roofing inspections throughout the year, both self-conducted and by professionals, to make sure your roof is in good enough condition to protect your family and home.  


Self-inspect your roof

The shingles on your roof are the first line of defense for your home. As the seasons end, inspecting your shingles should be at the top of your home maintenance priority list. Take time to look around your yard for shingle fragments that you’ll usually find a foot or two away from the edge of your roof. 

Look for cracked, missing, or broken shingles on your roof from the ground. Check your downspouts for shingle granules. If they are settled in the bottom of your gutters, that is normal, but if you notice them beneath your downspouts, this is a strong indication your shingles need attention. Also, consider the age of your roof. Homes that are 15 to 20 years old most likely need a new roof. 

Call a professional roofer

There’s a lot you can’t see from the ground, so it’s always best to call a roofing company to perform a professional inspection. Able Roof is a Consumers’ Choice Award winner for over 20 years, and offers free estimates. Contact Able Roof today! 

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