How to Successfully Use Endorsements to Grow Your Business by Asking for Them
Posted on February 26, 2014

How to Successfully Use Endorsements to Grow Your Business? There is nothing like the recommendations of others to create more customers and thus cause one’s business to prosper and grow.

Some companies rely on social media to spread the word about their company by soliciting retweets and comments on Facebook. In this way endorsements can not only be requested, but will be posted and, with any luck, will become viral.

However asking people directly is another way to get endorsements. One way that works is that when one is launching a business one sends an email to various people asking them to endorse the new venture. These would be people whose opinion would be considered valuable, including friends, people on marketing email lists, recognized experts in the product you’re providing, or even celebrities. If one is creating a new product, consider giving them a sample to try out. Make the request in a friendly, flattering sort of way and set a reasonable deadline for the endorsement. It is also important that these not be paid endorsements, as they have less cache than ones giving freely.

Another idea is to solicit endorsements from satisfied customers. This can be done in customer surveys, which would include the proviso that comments will be used by the company as appropriate. There is nothing like someone who has actually purchased the goods or services your company is providing to motivate other people to give them a try. Encourage satisfied customers to put out good reviews on websites such as Yelp.

Soliciting endorsements is just the first step in using them to grow your business. You have to let potential customers know that other people like what you’re selling. Put the best endorsements out on your company website, in social media, in advertising (with prior permission), and on all printed sales material. The more people who know how popular your product or service is, more, will want to try it out and the bigger your business will grow.

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