Posted on December 11, 2020

2020 is finally coming to an end, and with it comes many festive holidays to celebrate. December has so many to pick from: Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Our Lady of Guadalupe, and New Years to name a few. 

Knowing that this is normally the time to gather with family and loved ones, the CDC has issued guidelines to not travel or gather with those that we are not currently living with, to reduce Covid spread. 

But, that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy ourselves for the upcoming holidays! In fact, we need those warm and fuzzy holiday feels now more than ever. Yes, our holiday traditions will be different this year, but different doesn’t mean that they can’t be fun and memorable!

Here are a few ways you can celebrate:

  • Decorate your home, inside and out
    Seeing the traditional lights and decor puts you in the holiday spirit. It lets you know that the holidays are here, and gives you something to look forward to. 
  • Give to charities
    Knowing you’ve helped someone in dire need, especially during the holidays truly warms the heart. So many out there go without and many of us can help by donating money, supplies, or our time as volunteers.
  • Drive around to see decorations
    Get out and enjoy the beautiful decorations that homeowners display during the holidays. Some are spectacular and will brighten your mood instantly. To make the adventure even brighter, turn on holiday music while you’re driving.
  • Add the holiday aromas
    Light those scented holiday candles. Simmer those mulling spices on the stove. The seasonal scents add the comfort and joy that we all need right now.
  • Listen to holiday music
    Do you have a special playlist or holiday album that you listen to every year? Even though we may not all be able to be with our extended family, by playing the same holiday tunes you’re so accustomed to will make it feel less distant. 
  • Go virtual!
    Safely celebrate with your family and loved ones virtually. Open presents, bake a dessert, or enjoy a holiday meal together using Zoom. That way you can see each other’s smiling faces and hear their laughter. You can also attend religious ceremonies virtually rather than in person. Many are streaming live celebrations so you don’t miss out on such a meaningful event.   
















  • Dress up your pets and kids in fun holiday wear
    Who doesn’t love seeing pets dressed up in fun holiday gear? And your kiddos dressed up in their holiday outfits (holiday pajamas count!) adds to the holiday touch. 
  • Binge-watch your holiday favorites
    Even better, you can do a Netflix Teleparty where you and your group can watch together remotely and chat at the same time, for free!
  • Prepare your favorite holiday meals
    Part of celebrating is enjoying food together. Plus, the scents and flavors warm the soul. No need to miss out on the traditional meal just because you may have fewer people gathered around the table this year.
  • Give with homemade food
    Bake or cook a holiday treat/meal and take it to a friend or loved one. Or, perhaps to a neighbor that you know needs some holiday cheer. 
    By taking steps to include traditional foods, music, decor, and activities, you can end the year with comfort and joy and gain some of that needed sense of normalcy



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