Posted on February 15, 2021


How To Retain And Hire Employees During The Pandemic

Bringing on new employees and retaining current ones can be challenging during this uncertain time. Companies scramble to adjust how they handle the hiring process and have had to become flexible in ways they weren’t before. Here are some suggestions to manage these needs:




Retaining Talent

You need your current employees to stay aboard, and providing value and engagement is key to retaining talent.

  • Offer Benefits. This provides a reason for an employee to stay and feel valued. Health insurance as well as paid time off/sick pay, are strong offerings for your staff. This will ease their concerns of going unpaid should they become ill.
  • Celebrate Employee Wins. Recognition for a job well done lets your employees know their hard work matters. Commend them during one of your meetings either remotely or in-person.
  • Allow For Small Talk. Allowing your staff time to interact with each other can help reduce feelings of isolation and make their job more enjoyable. Have a virtual group-chat or in-person with social distancing for everyone’s safety.
  • Fun Activities. Break up the monotony. Try conversation cards and have your employees take turns answering, or have a virtual scavenger hunt and ask them to find certain items in their home. 
  • Check-In Often. Regularly check in with your team to discuss any questions they may have and to ensure everyone’s on the same page. This helps them feel like part of a group and that their employer is actively involved. 

The Hiring Process

Potential employees need to know about your company culture, what it will be like to work there, and what’s in it for them. 

  • Be Transparent. Be clear about whether the position is remote, temporarily remote, or in-person work. If you’re offering benefits, list them prominently, as that is an attractive and valuable asset. If you’re conducting group interviews, let them know in advance so they aren’t shocked and uncomfortable when they see several faces looking at them. 
  • Go Virtual. Conduct interviews virtually or by phone. Because they won’t be going through the normal onboarding process, make sure you have an alternative such as virtual meet and greets with their coworkers and management to make them feel welcome.   
  • Be Prepared. Before bringing new staff in, make sure your updated hiring process has gone through a successful test run. First impressions matter, so don’t appear confused or unprepared as your new hire may wonder if they made the right choice. 

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