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What if you could enjoy luxury items like bath and body products and fancy drinks and save money in the process? Well, that sounds like a winning combination. Here are three ideas of things you can make at home to help save you money, time and a trip to the store. 

Bath and Beauty Products

There are a whole range of bath and beauty products that you can make at home including facial scrubs and hair conditioners. Facial scrubs require household items like baking soda, sugar, sea salt or oatmeal as the base of your product. Add olive oil for moisturizer and scents like lavender or vanilla extract for a wonderful aroma. To make conditioner, start with mayonnaise, olive oil or yogurt. Add more ingredients for scent and acids to balance out the fats naturally found in the conditioner base. Other ideas include bath bombs, soaps and shampoo. 

Fancy Drinks

Does your day usually consists of heading out the nearest coffee shop to get a fancy coffee drink? Think again. This ritual may be the start of your day but it is also costing you lots of money. Become your own barista. Starbucks offers customers a chance to make their favorite coffees and Refreshers at home with their online recipes. 

Cooking and Baking 

If you are a fan of cooking or baking, and are looking for a challenge, checkout The Cheesecake Factory’s recipes for dinner. They provide ingredient lists for 1-8 people so you can cook just for yourself or a crowd.  For those who are bakers, checkout Mrs. Field’s Secrets. This is where she posts of some of her most famous cookies and treats. 

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