How to find a reputable landscape company; A few tips to remember
Posted on October 29, 2012

You know what they say, “Winter is Coming.”

As you look out across your property and try to mentally prepare yourself for colder weather, it’s important to remember to do your landscaping the same favor.

Finding a reputable landscape company isn’t a simple task, though.

You imagine your contractor searching the floorboards of his truck for the estimate he promised you so he can return your fourth phone call and realize that time is running out. There’s no room for a disorganized or unprofessional landscaper in your life.

You want the job done correctly, on time, and under the estimate. Unless you are ready to hire a personal assistant to handle this chore for you, it’s time to dive in and do a little research.

You need a talented, professional, responsible professional to prepare your yard for winter. There’s no time for missed appointments, inaccurate estimates, or general lack of communication.


As you make your decision, keep these tips in mind.

1. Make sure they are insured. Ask to see proof.

2. Get your estimate in writing and keep a copy until the job is finished to your satisfaction.

3. Check in with your local Better Business Bureau.

4. Hire a local company. There are many fly-by-night groups that sweep through towns, collect deposits, and fail to finish (or even start) the work they promise.

5. Call three references. Even if everything else checks out, it’s important to actually make those three phone calls. Be sure to ask the person, “How do you know ___?” just to make sure you aren’t getting a work reference from one of their buddies.


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