Posted on February 10, 2021


How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day During Covid


This year due to Covid, celebrating Valentine’s Day may not look like what you’re used to, but with a little effort and creativity, you can make this romantic day one your special someone will remember. The longer you are cooped up for social distancing reasons, the more each day can feel stale and repetitive. That means when a holiday or fun event does come up, you need to make the most of it. 

Here are some simple, romantic ideas to try:

  • Start the day off with pampering, by treating the one you love to breakfast in bed. How often do they get to enjoy that? This simple surprise will get them feeling appreciated and special before they get out of bed.
  • Have a gourmet meal at home. If cooking isn’t your forte, have a delicious meal delivered from your favorite restaurant. Add some candlelight, a nice bottle of wine, and put away the phones. 
  • Create a spa day at home. Start with a massage followed by a warm, candlelight bubble bath drawn for them with spa water (water with fruit or sliced cucumbers in it). Bonus points for using rose petals to create a trail to their bubble bath.
  • Get out from the same four walls! You can still safely practice social distancing while escaping from that cooped-up feeling. Go for a romantic walk and enjoy the scenery, or try your hand at a mini road trip. 
  • Order beautiful flowers. You can never go wrong with flowers; they can brighten anyone’s day as well as the area they are placed in within the home. Consumers Choice Award is proud to announce two award-winning florists that will dazzle you with the beautiful floral arrangements they create. If you are in the Dallas area, visit McShan Florist. They are family owned and operated for over 70 years and offer not only floral arrangements but also beautiful gourmet baskets with fruit, chocolates, and bottles of wine! If you are in the Atlanta area, visit Carithers Flowers. They also offer beautiful flower arrangements as well as gourmet, luxe gift baskets. They give 10% of their profits back to local charities and schools. Both are multi-year Consumers Choice award winners based on the quality and care they provide to their customers.
  • Light a cozy, romantic fire and read some poetry to each other, or look through old photos of you together to share some memories. If you don’t have a fireplace don’t fret! You can find a virtual one online or on TV.
  • Watch rom-coms and snuggle. Enjoy a nice glass of wine, or perhaps some hot cocoa along with a sweet treat like chocolate-covered strawberries.
    Don’t let Covid stifle your romantic side or the motivation to celebrate Valentine’s Day with love. Right now, making an effort to let your special someone know how much they mean to you is more important than ever. 




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