How Old Do You Really Feel?
Posted on June 17, 2013

You know how old you are.  Your driver’s license tells you.  The story of your years is written in the lines on your face, on view every time you look in a mirror.  Heck, even if you just happened to forget, the AARP reminds you every time they send you an invitation to join.   Our age is a threshold that determines some rules and regulations that affect us.  But for many of us, our inner age seldom matches our actual age. And in the end, there are no rules about how old you should feel or act at any age.  Who knows how 50 really feels, or is even supposed to feel? Who decides how a 95-year-old is supposed to behave?  What does 70 even looklike?  Perhaps the real question is, “How do I feel and look my best, no matter how old I am?”

For many of us, age is relative.  According to Katherine Whitehorn (age 85) “The closer to the grave you get, the less the rules apply”.  “I don’t feel any particular age; it depends on what’s happening and which bit of me I’m thinking about.” When you get a good night’s sleep, are feeling well, and you have interesting, engaging activities to do that day, you’ll likely feel years, even decades, younger than your chronological age.  On the other hand, if you are tired, in pain or experiencing health issues, or are feeling isolated and unable to participate in your usual activities, then you’ll probably feel like you’re 110, no matter how old you really are.

If we’re only as old as we feel, how do we maintain our health, skin, and mental well-being so that our bodies’ look and feel reflect how we feel inside?

Your health has a major impact on how old you look and feel.  In fact, many physicians compare how old you look with your chronological age, and have found that looking at least 10 years older may indicate poor health. Experts believe that the longevity and vitality of your life may have less to do with your years on earth, and is more accurately determined by your lifestyle and diet, health choices and illnesses, and your relationships and emotional well-being.

“By increasing activity, squashing cigarettes, learning to relax, and changing our diets, we can make huge strides to improve our health, vitality and longevity. And that means the person with the most say over how well you age isn’t your doctor. It’s you.” Dr. Mehmet Oz

The science of anti-aging has come a long way. Many studies have proven that protecting your skin from sun exposure will both help you to look younger and reduce your risk of skin cancer. Using high quality skin care products specifically targeted at aging skin can help alleviate some skin damage.  Consulting an aesthetic medicine expert or quality medical spa, like Columbus Aesthetic Surgery and Medical Spa, can also offer you many options for treating and preventing the signs of aging so the face in the mirror matches the age you feel inside.

Where and how you live can also affect how old you feel, and can become increasingly important as you enter your senior years.  Participating in community activities, getting regular physical exercise, keeping your mind active, and maintaining good nutrition are key aspects to remaining as young as you feel.  If you do develop chronic health issues, engaging the services of a qualified home health care provider, including Consumer Choice Award Winners Interim Healthcare and Home Reach, will also help to effectively manage your health and well-being so that you can remain in your home, with your family, pets and within your community.

Whether you’re still pretending you’ll never grow old, or you’re happy living in the skin you’re in, no matter what your age, taking care of your health is the key to looking as good as you feel as well as living a long and happy life. Are you looking for the right partner to help you to get the most of your life, no matter what your age?  Check out one of the award-winning businesses to find a provider you can trust with your health and well-being, at any age.


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