Posted on February 9, 2021

How Rose Colors Can Send a Message To Our Loved Ones


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and after a long year of living through a global pandemic, it only seems appropriate to show our loved ones how deeply we care about them. Ordering a bouquet of sweet-smelling roses is a classic and timeless way of telling someone you care about them. How can we make that beautiful arrangement of flowers we send to Grandma’s doorstep even more meaningful? The answer is intentionally choosing the perfect color of roses that tell her exactly how we feel.



How rose colors holds meaning

When we say ‘choosing the perfect color’, we don’t just mean ‘choosing her favorite colors’. Roses are traditionally considered a universal emblem of love, and the shades in which they come can symbolize different messages and meanings!


Red Roses

Red roses are some of the most commonly gifted flowers by couples during romantic occasions- and this is for good reason too! The red pigment in the roses symbolizes intense passion and desire. If you have a romantic partner, sending them a beautiful arrangement of red roses will convey your dedication and intimate love for them.


Yellow Roses

Conversely, yellow roses take on a different meaning in modern times as they often represent a joyous and fulfilling friendship. Beaming and beautiful yellow roses should be given to close friends you want to convey your appreciation to. The bright yellow blossoms will add a pop to the room they choose to display them in, serving as a constant reminder of your cherished relationship.


Blue Roses

Blue is a slightly less common and a more eccentric color of rose a fact which lends itself to its meaning! When you send someone blue roses, you are essentially telling them that you admire their boldness and uniqueness. If you really want to make an impression on someone you admire, sending blue roses will stand out as a creative choice.


White Roses

White roses are extremely elegant and make excellent gifts for people in need of support. Representing innocence, elegance, and remembrance, they work well to let someone know you are keeping them in your thoughts.


What are you waiting for?

When it comes to telling someone how much you love and appreciate them, there is no room for hesitation. 2020 was a demanding year that kept us socially distant, but it also brought us together. Flower vendors such as award winner: Carithers Flowers in Atlanta, GA and McShan Florist in Dallas, TX can help design the perfect bouquet to send to loved ones so that we can continue to keep them close despite being apart.

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