Home Security Systems Get Even Smarter:
Posted on January 8, 2014

Home security systems seem to get smarter as time goes on as our obsession with keeping tabs on everything in our homes becomes more intense. Thanks to wireless technology, much of that can be done to a point where you can literally see an incident occur live in your home. While this might seem like an upsetting thing to see, it also helps get law enforcement to your home quickly for an immediate arrest of the culprit.

Likewise, other things can be set up remotely in our homes to eliminate any need of making special trips there when on the go.

Wireless Security

The technology is available on many alarm systems to receive alerts on your smartphone when someone compromises your home security. With this comes the availability of wireless cameras and being able to look in on your rooms. While this can help in catching a crime in the act, it also helps with false alarms. With control of certain settings, you can shut the alarm off or set it to work more efficiently.

Sites like Monitronics and Smith Thompson Home Security offer these features, plus the ability to record and play the events back. If you thought a DVR was one of the true miracles of technology for watching TV, playing back a burglary to catch clues is one of the smartest tech ideas ever.

Wireless Control of Your Lights and Thermostat

It’s not just security that your wireless devices can control. Now you can turn on or turn off lights in your home via your smartphone or tablet. Sites like Allsecure Systems are becoming leaders in providing this technology where you can set a mood in your house even before you get there. While the implications for that are incalculable, the most noticeable is in your finances. You can turn certain lights off in your home to save energy costs, as well as adjust your thermostat to certain temperatures.

Yes, you can also come home to a well-lit and warm house before you arrive home tired from work or travel.

Controlling Your Locks

Monitronics additionally offers wireless door lock control for the times when you can’t be home to let someone in. The convenience of controlling your locks from afar may be one of the smartest tools of all, especially if you happened to lock yourself out. It makes having to go to a locksmith unnecessary while allowing you to control who has access to your home and who doesn’t. As with other security alerts from described above, you’ll also be alerted when a door happens to be unlocked.

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