Great Gift Ideas for the Woman in Your Life
Posted on December 21, 2013

If you’re a man who’s shopping late for the holidays and needs great gift ideas for the woman in your life, you shouldn’t fret. You might initially panic and think it’s impossible to find anything if she seemingly has everything already. But a lot of unique items are available out there that can send a real statement you know your wife or girlfriend better than anyone else. When you can prove that, you’ll know you’re one of the rare few who can take the crown as a supreme shopper.

Consider buying some of these trendy items this Christmas season.

Wearable Devices for Fitness Activity

Part of the emerging future in tech is wearing devices that track your fitness activities and provide heart monitoring. Nike’s Fuelband was one of the first in the last year that hit it off in sales with the general public. However, there’s also the slightly cheaper FitBit device and the Jawbone UP. Tracking bracelets are really trendy for women, and it should be a serious choice for your wife if she doesn’t have one.

Also consider some of the new smart watches on the market that additionally do fitness tracking. Until Apple ever releases theirs, the Samsung Galaxy Gear is your best bet this year.

An Instant Print Camera

If your wife is old enough to remember the instant cameras from Polaroid years ago, she might love a new instant print camera from the same company. Polaroid has now gone digital and allows you to take digital pictures and print them out instantly as a 30 to 40-year throwback. This time, the prints are much higher quality and don’t use ink. You can even print up to 10 pictures at a time while also cropping them first on your camera’s LCD screen.

Go order one of these for your wife as an excellent gift balancing retro with modern.

3D-Printed Jewelry (and Fine Jewelry)

3D printing is really becoming much more mainstream now, even if buying a 3D printer is still reserved for the most tech-minded. However, the things 3D printers can create are the real stunners. This includes objects placed on jewelry that are suddenly becoming very trendy, says Mashable. Shapeways is a recent startup that lets you design custom 3D jewelry on their site and sell it to consumers. Consider looking into buying some 3D jewelry from them if you can find a style you know your wife will like.

If your wife is more into regular jewelry, consider shopping locally and buying a new watch or necklace at Bachendorf’s in Dallas, Texas. They won our Consumers’ Choice Award for best jewelry and sell stylish watches from Ebel, necklaces from John Hardy, plus amazing rings from Roberto Coin.

A Smart Fork

This unique tech item might take the woman in your life by surprise. While most gifts related to diets are usually avoided by men, a smart fork may be perfect if your wife is frustrated with recent diets and workouts. A company called HAPI produces these new smart forks that help keep track of her eating habits, particularly the amount of servings. It also analyzes how long it takes for her to eat a meal and other useful stats that can be easily uploaded to the company website.

Yes, she may really thank you for this gift when it’s impossible to measure exactly how much you both eat. It’s also much better and more useful than a diet cookbook.

Some of these items can be found in your local retail stores. Go and support your local stores this holiday season and nominate them for our Consumers’ Choice Award this year. The superior customer service you find in your local stores may save you if you’re shopping at the 11th hour for your wife.

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