Gen Y Wish-List Addressed By Ford’s Latest Innovations
Posted on November 26, 2012


In the past two years Ford Motor Company has aggressively ramped up its development of the Ford Focus. The days of ‘small’ meaning ‘basic’ are over. A 2013 Focus can now includes technologies commonly found on the Gen Y wish-list, including the MyTouch interface, complete with streaming Bluetooth as well as iPod and smartphone integration. Navigation is now even a possibility in the Titanium edition Focus.

Ford breathed new life into this crisply-styled compact with a complete re-design in model year 2012. The respected analysts at Edmunds gave it their ‘top choice’ honor. That’s quite an achievement in such a crowded segment of the auto market.

For the 2013 model year, Ford introduces a special SFE configuration. The acronym stands, logically enough, for ‘super fuel economy.’ Aero wheel covers, a rear spoiler, and low rolling resistance tires combine to accelerate highway fuel economy all the way to that coveted 40 mpg threshold.

While the latest in Ford touch screen and voice recognition technologies are available to enhance the Focus, there are some dynamic safety features offered now as well. Pair up the Sync voice-activated system with a cell phone, and the system is capable of automatically calling 911 in the event of a collision.

Automated curbside parking first found its way into mid-size Ford sedans and SUVs. Now, it is an option available on the Focus as well. The peace of mind offered by a rear-view camera can be found behind the wheel of a Focus with that option included.

For the enthusiast wanting to savor the latest electronic technologies while really reducing their carbon footprint, there is now even a fully electric Focus. When t he EPA applies its ‘equivalent’ fuel economy ratings to this little masterpiece, eye-popping numbers result. The Focus Electric is rated at 99 mpg highway and 110 mpg in the city. What’s more, the stated range is a respectable 76 miles. At home, or at a charging station, a 240v outlet will allow full recharging in four hours. That’s the same 240 volts that your washer and dryer may be operating on at present.

The latest Ford Focus neatly integrates mobile devices while demonstrating innovation in both safety and environmental impact.


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