From the Cosmic Kitchen-To all Foodies!
Posted on June 20, 2014

From the Cosmic Kitchen-To all Foodies!

Avid followers of the Star Trek Series recall the ‘replicator’- a device, which seemingly out of thin air, materialized your selected meal. Well now, we have one just for your earthly kitchen! It is called the  Foodini 3D  food printer. It is a space-age device which will literally save you precious hours of food preparation each week. This much-anticipated creation will help you with innovating and exciting ways  to improve and enhance your diet. This tool is for the time-strapped individual who has little disposable time to prepare healthy meals from scratch. This can be achieved without risking the quality of the ingredients.

The Foodini 3D food printer can create many of your favorite dishes in an infinite variety of patterns. All shapes are set to a pre-programmed 3D computer design. You can therefore customize your selected dish.  Natural Machines has launched a Kickstarter campaign to introduce this device by the fall of 2014, at which time they will be available for the bargain price of $1000. They will eventually retail for around $1300 when they are mass produced in early 2015.

This machine extrudes the food from specially filled capsules or nozzles, into novel shapes that are then cooked. It is like having your very own food processing plant in your kitchen. The preparation is fast and simple. You first choose fresh ingredients which are prepared for the capsules (up to 6 at a time). The capsules are loaded onto the Foodini which then prints your custom made meal.  The machine ‘prints’ your meal on a special glass plate, as it flawlessly lays down layer after layer. Examples of possible choices include: ravioli, burgers, pizza, crackers, as well as various confections such as cakes and cookies. The food for the capsules must first be pureed to the correct consistency. The rest is a button push away on the panel.

The Foodini promises to revamp our eating habits for the better. It will help wean busy people away from frozen convenience foods which normally contain undesirable additives and preservatives. The  innovators of the device hope that soon it will be as common as the microwave. This represents a game changer for the food industry. It has far-reaching implications both for personal use, as well as commercial applications. The restaurant industry will be keen to see its debut. It will also be a boon to pastry chefs.

The Foodini 3D food printer will amplify your culinary adventures! Natural Machines will be providing a website of recipes for you to try out. You can create intricate dishes that only very skilled culinary artisans can produce-at a fraction of the time. The sky’s the limit!

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