Posted on September 9, 2020

Fear No More: A Guide to Choosing a Dentist in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area

Imagine the scenario.  You are new in town and lost.  Your smartphone’s battery just ran out of juice. You ask a group of people for directions, and they tell you to go east.  Oops, they were wrong.  You ask again.  The next person tells you to head west.  You go west, and, yes, once again–no luck.  Then, you find someone with a map.  They take the time to show you exactly where you are and where you need to go, which was, in fact, north. What relief you feel when you reach your destination!

Next, imagine this scenario.  You are new in town, and you need to find a dentist.  Do you ask the neighbor who suggested a restaurant that you had an unpleasant experience with last week?  No!

You need to locate a dental practice where you will feel comfortable visiting. That’s where Consumers’ Choice Awards  comes in. They have completed all the research for you.  They pride themselves on identifying and promoting business excellence.  

When it comes to your teeth, you want to feel confident knowing you are seeing the very best dentist available. According to the American Dental Association, 22% of the adult population in the United States do not see a dentist because of the fear factor. This means that 22% of the adult population in the United States may be at risk for cardiovascular disease at some point in their life simply because they are too afraid.  Does this seem logical?  No, especially when you have choices.

For example, we suggest one of Dallas/Ft. Worth’s leading dentists, 21st Century Dental, who have been recognized as multiple year Consumers’ Choice Award winners. The owners of 21st Century Dental understand the fear that may be associated with visiting a dentist that part of their mission is to help patients relax and by doing so they offer sedation dentistry options.  The 21st Century Dental practice goes above and beyond to help their patients. In fact, if a patient is still unsure about proceeding with a treatment they encourage them to have and will provide a free second opinion.   I would say that 21st Century Dental is deserving of being chosen as a Consumers’ Choice Award Winner! 

When it comes to your teeth, you want the best dental practice available.  Let Consumers’ Choice Awards help pave the way to one of Dallas/Ft. Worth’s leading dental offices.  Contact 21st Century Dental today

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