Father’s Day Honors our Hero: Dad.
Posted on June 14, 2014

It stands to reason that it is good and right to honor our parents. We in turn expect the same from our kids. On this special day, we demonstrate the honor and love we have for our own individual heroes: our dads. We hold these emotions within ourselves throughout the year; however, on this unique day, we feel the need (social convention or not) to go out of our way for dads.

Father’s Day became a nationwide holiday in 1972. This was 58 years after Mother’s Day officially became a holiday. This discrepancy is not due to any less regard we have for our dads over our moms. Far from it! It seems that men generally do not expect something in return for being fathers. Perhaps in former times, gift giving was thought of being demeaning to the idea of manliness.

Fathers play such a vital role in our lives. They teach us responsibility for our actions and respect for others. We admire them and endeavor to emulate them. They serve as our primary role models.  It therefore stands to reason that what a dad would most desire, is to be proud of his children; to know that his efforts bore fruit.

On this great day, we honor our dad. We thank and appreciate him for decades of dedicated love through thick and thin. Father’s Day is that special time when the pride and love of our dad fuses with the love, appreciation, and honor we hold for him. The warmth generated on this occasion will always remain with us.

Honoring our dads today means more than a mere gift. A more meaningful expression of our honor and love would be a shared experience together-depending on dad’s preference. This is precious time together, upon which memories are made of.

Whether you are still at home with dad, or have become independent….. or even if your parent is no longer in this world……..take the time on Father’s Day to remember your dad, and to thank him for all he gave you, and for the person you are today!

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