Father’s Day Gift Ideas – Made in the USA
Posted on June 11, 2013

Shopping for the All-American dad this Father’s Day? Clothes, shoes, and “man toys” are always popular Father’s Day gift choices, but this year, take one step further to support American consumer goods. Here are some Father’s Day gift ideas made in America that he will love:

Brooks Brothers cotton sport shirt

Brooks Brothers was established in 1818 in New York as the first ready-to-wear fashion emporium in America. These super versatile sport shirts are both comfortable and stylish. With a wide variety of patterns, including plaid, seersucker, and Gingham check, there’s a shirt for every dad’s taste.

New Balance 587 running shoes

New Balance shoes are proudly made in the U.S.A., the company employing over 1,300 American workers. These sneakers blend cushioning and stability with a classic style built for comfort and support. Perfect for athletic dads and dads on the go, these sneakers are a hot gift item this Father’s Day.

Weber Grill

Weber has been manufacturing and selling barbecue grills in the United States for over 50 years. “Burn long, burn bright, burn true,” says the grill manufacturer’s website. Weber makes it all, from gas grills to charcoal, portable, and electric grills. With many makes and models to choose from, dad is sure to be happy on Father’s Day.

Google Glass

At the rate Google keeps churning out tech toys, the future is now. Google Glass is a wearable computer with a head-mounted display that displays information in a hands-free, smartphone-like way. The computer interacts with the Internet through natural voice commands. From translations to mapping to recording photos and videos entirely hands-free, this is the ideal gift for the tech-savvy dad.

The best part of each of these products is not how much dad would love them as gifts, but that they are quality-made in the United States of America.

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