Fall Family Fun – 10 Ideas for Meaningful Connections
Posted on November 22, 2015

Fall Family Fun – 10 Ideas for Meaningful Connections


Autumn is in full swing, and while there are plenty of ways to get out and enjoy the season, here are 10 family fun activities that can also build connections between you and yours.

  1. Start a Family Cookbook – Ask each member of the family what their favorite meal memories are, and create a cookbook that is personalized just for you. Get the recipes of Grandma’s potato rolls, Aunt Beth’s sausage stuffing… and then start planning your next feast.
  2. Leaf Pressing – If you are lucky enough to live in an area where you get the colorful trees during the autumn months, take advantage of it, and go collect a bunch. A flower press can work to flatten and dry them out, so they can be used as table decorations or in a project, like a Family Tree display.
  3. Create Your Family Tree – Using paper cutouts, or the pressed leaves, design a Family Tree on large poster board or a blank wall.  Teach children about their ancestry, sharing stories and explaining your family history.
  4. Cider Tasting – Go to some local orchards or natural food markets, and buy a selection of apple ciders. Score them each on color, flavor, cost, and carbon footprint… any characteristics your family deems important.
  5. No Tech Nights – Turn off the electronics and spend an evening on a couch, reading favorite picture books from each of your childhoods.
  6. Scavenger Hunt – Create a list of fall items that you expect to see in a store, like Halloween candy, fake pumpkins, cartoon turkeys, Christmas ornaments. Then work to check off each of them. This could be done collaboratively or competitively!
  7. Family Letters – Draft a letter that can go out with a holiday card, or on its own. What are the best things that happened in the past year? What accomplishments have each of you had?  Share what you are proudest of with each other!
  8. Hot Chocolate and Star Gazing – On a clear night, grab some warm blankets and a thermos of hot chocolate and go watch the sky fill with stars. See how many constellations you can spot.
  9. Closet Clean-outs – With gift season approaching, there are probably many items that can be cleaned out of your home to make room for new clothes, toys, appliances. Each of these items would be welcomed by thrift stores, homeless shelters, or other charities. Teach children that giving feels good!
  10. Group Game Day – Invite some friends and neighbors to share in a day of friendly competition.

There are plenty of options to work to strengthen your family bonds this Autumn. Take advantage of the cool air and the upcoming holidays to hold each other close and learn more about each other!

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