Employers Move Toward Flexible Work Arrangements To Improve Overall Production
Posted on March 4, 2013

All across the country, employers are finding ways to cater to the needs of their employees to improve the production within their companies. They’re finding that flexible work arrangements reduce absences and company turnover, which contributes to overall better production.  These flexible work arrangements seem to come in many forms, and many employees individualize them, rather than having the same rules for every employee across the board.

Working At Home

The movement toward working at home is sweeping the nation.  Employers are realizing the importance of being more flexible with requiring their staff to come in to the office each day. While many employees still make the commute to and from work, some of them have elected to work from home one or more days a week due to their family circumstances.  Because many businesses have moved their operations to the Cloud, and because they’re also adding VoIP phone systems, their employees don’t have to be in the office in order to complete a full day’s work.

Job Sharing

Job sharing takes the job of one employee and divides the duties for two people.  This type of employment works out well for employers because the same amount of work is completed, but only one salary is paid. Benefits are often shared as well.  For example, perhaps one of the employees needs health insurance while the other employee takes all holidays off.  Job sharing is generally a voluntary situation that benefits employees who aren’t able to work full time, but that require more benefits than those offered at a part time job.

Outsourcing Projects

Outsourcing is becoming increasingly popular.  There are many positions within a company that can be outsourced.  This effectively cuts down on many of the costs that businesses incur with keeping employees as regular staff.  By hiring independent contractors rather than full or part time workers, employees have more freedom and can do the work on their own schedules.  A few different types of outsourcing jobs employers regularly hire for include writing website content, overseeing email promotions, and advertising.

By making these changes, employers are finding that their workers are responding to them very well.  Work is becoming a more enjoyable place to be, which means absenteeism isn’t a big problem, like it has been in the past.  These new perks also entice employees to stay with the same company for a longer period of time.  Loyal employees are the cornerstones of any successful business.  Most importantly, production rates are continually improving, which is proof that these types of flexible positions are working quite well.


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