Posted on March 1, 2020

Early Musical Training Can Boost Brain Health Later In Life


There are a host of benefits associated with early training and exposure to music. What you may not realize is childhood music training can also have lasting brain health effects later in life. As we grow older, our memory and brain functions tend to slow. Early brain training with music and ongoing practice, can help improve those slowing functions. Today, we’ll discuss just how music involvement now, can have lasting contributions to your child’s brain health later.

Music Training Makes Us Smarter

Maybe it doesn’t directly increase our IQ, but training on an instrument with a developing childhood brain can help create neural connectivity. In a sense, music can help teach the brain to make connections, otherwise not engaged. In doing so, music skill development can increase brain function capacity.

The Studies Behind The Claims

Brains of adult professional musicians possessed more grey and white matter, which translates to motor skills and auditory improvements. The longer you play a musical instrument, the better too. Those individuals who had committed to playing musically for ten or more years show greater brain plasticity. This refers to the brain’s ability to adapt to situations, experiences, and surrounding circumstances. Consider starting your child with lessons now, and know you can foster long-term brain development.

Music Requires Higher Level Engagement

In order to learn to play an instrument, our brains are required to multi-task. Keeping a melody on the piano means the brain is coordinating a series of complex connections, cognitively and with both halves, simultaneously. It can also enhance the brain’s neural timing, which is a core component of our ability to hear the difference between conversation and background noise. Teaching your kids to learn music now can help exercise those connections early on. Thus, strengthening mental and hearing abilities later in life.

Getting your children involved in music and learning disciplines of piano or other instruments is more than hobby investment now. It can be a lifelong contribution to their overall brain health, as well.

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