Do you suffer from tinnitus or other hearing disorders?
Posted on June 10, 2015

Medical Innovations for Tinnitus and Other Hearing Disorders

Do you suffer from tinnitus or other hearing disorders? Innovative microtechnology now offers hope for those who have hearing issues of this nature. The inner ear is one of the most inaccessible parts of the human body-due to the tiny size involved-measuring a mere few cubic millimeters. The small size of the space renders surgical intervention virtually impossible. Treatment options for sufferers of tinnitus and other hearing disorders have been very limited- until most recently. Traditionally, medicine administered and directed to the inner ear can be very imprecise, and is poorly calibrated. Recent innovations in medical science and bioengineering will soon be helping sufferers from debilitating auditory problems. For the first time, two systems are currently under development that will allow treatment of tinnitus and vertigo, associated with inner ear problems.

The most important issue involving the delivery of medication directly to the inner ear is that it is such a difficult area to access, and any medication delivered here must be calibrated very carefully. Not enough medication and the problem will go untreated.  Too much, and it can cause too much pressure within the inner ear-resulting in possible damage.  Researchers are currently working on two ways to begin to address these problems.  The first is a miniaturized electronic micropump that will balance fluid within the inner ear by removing excess fluid, mixing it with the medication, and delivering the new mixture without changing the balance of liquid within the ear. The device, including the pump and drug reservoir, is small enough to be able to fit into the miniscule bony space behind the ear.  Another treatment involves a polymer matrix, that ideally, will eventually be able to deliver a tiny dose of medication directly to the inner ear on demand- via a remote system using wireless signals.This will allow for fast, efficient delivery. Efficient trigger mechanisms are being developed.

These remarkable systems present an innovative and non invasive leap forward in medical technology. Now there is great hope for people with disorders that previously had been virtually untreatable.

There’s no timeline on these systems yet, but scientists are hopeful that sometime in the next five to ten years, after clinical trials have commenced, these viable treatment systems will be available on the market.  For additional info, please visit two of our award-winning cutting edge audiologists- conveniently located in Ohio. The contributions of these companies to the hearing public have been immeasurable. Luebbe Hearing Services in Columbus, Ohio  and The Place for Better Hearing in Cincinnati, Ohio

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