Customer Service in the Automotive Industry
Posted on October 16, 2012

One of the biggest purchases you will make is a vehicle.  You’ll be driving this vehicle every day, making payments every month, buying insurance for it, cleaning it, maintaining and repairing it for several years.  That’s a big investment in one purchase.

While it’s okay to window shop, when you are ready to buy, you should arrive at the dealership with a list of wants and needs.  This will help your salesman guide you to vehicles that interest you.

A great experience starts with your salesman.  You should work with someone that you are comfortable with, and that listens to what you want.  A good salesman will be able to help you find a vehicle that will work for you, with a payment that you can afford.

While working with the salesman, you shouldn’t get a ‘me versus you’ vibe.  If you do, find another salesman.  You need to be able to trust your salesman’s advice.  The purchase should feel like a win-win.  The salesman should earn a fair commission and you should walk away with a vehicle that fits your needs.

It takes several hours to purchase a vehicle.  You need to choose a vehicle, test drive it, get it inspected, and set up your financing and insurance.  The process is tedious at best, but a great salesman will make the process as smooth as possible.  For the best possible experience, here are a few guidelines.  Don’t bring your children.  They will be a distraction at best.  Don’t set other appointments for the same day.  If you are worried about getting out of the dealership by a certain time, you won’t be as focused as you should be.

Great customer service shouldn’t end when you drive off the lot.  A great salesman, one worthy of your referrals, will follow up with you several times over the next year to make sure you are enjoying your new vehicle.  You’ll know that you’ve found a gem of a salesman if he sends you a hand written thank you card, and holiday cards as well.  That’s the rare car salesman who is willing to work for your repeat business and referrals.  After all, a salesman who cares about you after the sale will make sure that you’re happy with your purchase before you sign.

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