Customer Experience Trends for 2013
Posted on October 31, 2013

Successful marketers have not only managed their customer’s expectations throughout the year, but they also can see opportunities coming their way.

During 2013, astute companies have, no doubt, analyzed their customer data and re-written their marketing goals to better serve their base. Local? Global? The savvy marketers are applying new technologies to reach and serve their ever-widening prospect pool.

In fact, the Top 10 Customer Experience Trends for 2013, according to A summary of six of those upward trends include:

1. The traditional buying ways, and that of the ‘Presumers & Custowners…

It’s important to understand how eager the customer is to not only follow the path of the traditional buying process, but also to ‘participate in the ‘funding, launch and growth’ of the landslide of products and brands.

Moreover, it means getting at the cusp of pre-ordering and, perhaps, taking part in any consumer equity offered by new brands and companies.

2. It’s now about ‘emerging markets…

To begin with, it’s expected that the GDP of the emerging markets—think BRIC—will blow past the ‘advanced markets.’ Purchasing Power Parity terms that’s USD 44.1 trillion versus 42.7 trillion, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

3. Products that give back to nature…to grow…

It’s about eco-design with thoughts to recycling to extend the product’s usefulness. An example is the simply chopstick: A Korean designer provides a seed packet so diners can plant their stick to germinate the plant.

Other 2013 trends…

—4. Focus on ‘mobile’: “…consumers will (are) look(ing) to their mobile devices to maximize absolutely every moment.. Think loyalty programs to reward customers.

—5. Medical profession: “…Digital technologies are the new medicine, as doctors and physicians turn to health apps and services to improve health outcomes…termed, AppScriptions…”

—6. Mining (Myning) for Data: “…make  the most of their lifestyle data, and turning to brands that use this data to proactively offer customers  (deals)…to save money…”

Keeping a pulse on technology, and the consumer’s changing tastes in how they wish to do business, is key to capturing marketing share today.

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