Creating a Spa Retreat with Your Bathroom Remodel
Posted on October 24, 2014

In order to transform your bathroom into a functional “spa-like” retreat, remember that the bathroom can be used as much more than a space used to get clean. Here are a few design ideas that will give you a peaceful and relaxing shelter away from the troubles of everyday life:

Remember that space planning is essential. While everyone wants an open concept, many feel their bathroom is too constrained by size or shape. Try creating an open feel by installing frameless glass around your shower. Want it to be more open? Create a design that allows you to leave an opening to be used as the entrance. Light, cool colors can also make your at home spa feel larger than it really is in addition to providing a calming effect.

The bath/shower fixtures you select can play a major impact on your in house hideaway and should be chosen accordingly. A rain head shower faucet with different massage settings can really change your showering experience. The right tub fillers and lavatory faucets can give a tranquil, serene feel that can help turn your bathroom into a spa.

Finally, add some life to the space by including some plants and flowers. This will produce a relaxing aroma (along with some candles) and provide an inviting feel for you and your loved one.

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