Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Paint Color for Your Home
Posted on March 11, 2014

While you spend time wondering how to choose the right paint color for our home, another question that should be asked may go overlooked. The flip side of making sure that you choose the right paint colors for your house is making sure you don’t choose the wrong paint colors. Not wrong in the sense of painting your kitchen walls chartreuse, but wrong in the sense of thinking you picked out the perfect shade of light blue.

Those little cardboard color samples in the paint section of the decorating store have likely led to disappointment as often as they’ve been responsible for a perfect match. It is not just beauty which lies in the eye of the beholder. It is also shades and hues that exist in your eyes. Try it yourself if don’t believe it: take a few of those little color strips and hold them next to the furnishings in your house. The shade of color you saw in the store is going to magically change, however subtly, once you get home. And it’s the exact same piece of cardboard! If you want to avoid making the mistake of winding up with a shade of color that is just not quite what you were hoping for, take those cards home and look at them again through the fresh eyes of comparison and contrast with the actual furnishings your paint job will be working with.

Even if you take home a can filled with freshly mixed paint of the actual shade of the color you desire, the potential still exists for a mistake that could be costly in more than one sense of the word. When either the intensity of the color of the paint you choose or the lack of intensity is a prime consideration, make sure that you are choosing a shade that is equal to the task. The larger the surface area that is to be painted, the less intense the color will be. So don’t make the mistake of choosing an especially vivid color in the showroom if the actual room to be painted is the largest in your house. Equally so, don’t expect a color chosen for its serenity to be quite so tame if you are covering the walls of a small guest bathroom.

Choosing the right paint color for your home is often a decision that has already been made for you. At least in part. Some rooms feature interior design elements that you can nearly hear screaming color suggestions at you. A room with oversized windows, for instance, is best approached by choosing the perfect color for those design elements and then building additional color choice around the windows. Not letting the vibrant colors prints or patterns in a big elegant rug that immediately captures the eye of anyone who enters navigate your course through paint color selection is almost too obvious a mistake to even mention. When you’ve got the perfect object in the room pushing you on the pack toward choosing certain colors, it is nearly a guarantee that those are the right paint colors for the job.

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