Connecting Employee Loyalty with Customer Loyalty
Posted on November 12, 2013

Is there a way to connect employee loyalty with customer loyalty? According to Colin Shaw in an article on LinkedIn, it all has to do with how the employee conducts customer service to a point where customers become compelled to be loyal. If that’s true, how do you train an employee to uphold your business’s cause and always feel inspired to continue? Or is it strictly something natural without training involved?

Can You Train a Devoted Employee?

In the above Colin Shaw article, employees that are overly devoted to bringing superior customer service are typically designated employee ambassadors. They’re the ones that voluntarily do everything they can to make your business look good because they believe your business really provides a great serice. It’s not something you can train someone to do, because nobody will be that committed if they don’t truly believe in what they’re doing.

Further, customers can see right through anyone doing an acting job, because you can’t fake enthusiasm in customer service. In some ways, it’s good that customers are so astute. It’s why you have to nurture committed employees and have them be a pied piper toward getting other employees on the same train of thought.

How does the above happen, though? It’s time for a little meeting.

Integrating the Employee Loyalists with Non-Loyal Employees

The only way you can get other employees to start being like the loyalists is to have them be around one another. If you have the loyalists work on the same shift with the employees who aren’t quite as loyal, the latter will learn why the loyalist is so gung-ho about your business. Chances are, they’ll catch on and start doing the same thing.

If your business truly does have outstanding products, there’s no reason to think this won’t work. The chain reaction will have begun, and you’ll benefit from an increase of employee loyalists who conduct superior customer service. Once your customers see that your employees truly believe in your products and show sincerity in the customer service process, they’ll also join the club.

It’s amazing how this connection between employee loyalty and customer loyalty is so simple. Yet, it’s been neglected for far too long and can change a business’s fortunes within a short time. When you have loyalty performance from employee and customer, you’re also gaining by not having constant turnover of non-loyal employees or customers leaving to your competition.

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