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The Business Community Network (BCN) is an independent organization that serves local businesses in the markets we serve. The goal of the BCN is to bring like-minded entrepreneurs together for the purpose of encouraging and facilitating its members to do business with one another and to share strategies and resources to gain competitive advantage.

The benefits of the BCN extends well beyond its constituent member businesses by providing their families and employees the opportunity to purchase superior products and services at often discounted prices. As part of the BCN’s outreach program, there will be an ongoing effort to raise awareness of Greater Community needs and to raise funds in support of local charities.

Goals of the BCN

  1. Generating B2B commerce within the network through scheduled meetings and seminars
  2. Generating B2B commerce within the network through the BCN’s digital platform
  3. Generating leads and referral business within the network using both the interpersonal and digital platforms.
  4. Promoting and facilitating B2B/B2C commerce between BCN members and the greater marketplace through leads, referrals, and co-op advertising
  5. Providing cutting edge information to BCN members through scheduled educational seminars, podcasts and webinars.
  6. Assisting Search Engine Optimization for member websites through shared blogs, social media and inter-connective cross-promotion
  7. Greater community outreach through charitable fund raising events


Benefits of the BCN

  • A POWERFUL NETWORKING RESOURCE backed up by scheduled meetings and a state –of-the- art digital platform
  • EASY ACCESSIBILITY to business owners and decision makers
  • READY TO SELL MEMBER MARKETPLACE needing everything from health care to lawn care
  • LEADS AND REFERRALS resulting in more sales to the greater community
  • PURCHASE DISCOUNTS when buying from fellow members
  • POOLING RESOURCES including labor, equipment needs, and co-op advertising
  • ELEVATED SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION through shared blogs, social media and on-line cross promotion
  • COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE through educational business seminars and the support of fellow members
  • REWARDS TO INCENTIVISE members when leads and referrals are made. Paid by the BCN
  • EMPLOYEE BENEFITS through access to discounts offered by many member companies and team building events and competitions to raise funds for charity
  • BOOST BOTTOM LINE WITH AN INEXPENSIVE AND EFFECTIVE PROGRAM designed specifically for the small business owner


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