Posted on May 29, 2020

The vibrancy and festiveness of flowers make a great gift for many occasions, especially ones that involve celebrating milestones. A perfect example of a time to give them is when someone you love graduates from school. There are a number of ways to do this:

Decorate His Or Her Room

    The smell of flowers and the bright colors will make your graduate feel ready to take on the world. It can also kick off the celebrations and put everyone in a festive mood. You can either surprise the person with the floral decorations when they arrive home so that they can keep the happy feelings going, or you can do it the night before and let the person wake up to a reminder of their big day.

Color Coordinate

       Schools generally have color schemes. They show up everywhere on campus and adorn school messages. Fortunately, flowers have the same bright colors that schools often use, and picking flowers that match the school’s colors shows that you appreciate the institution that someone is graduating from. After all, graduating from a school that others hold in high esteem is an achievement, and your pride in the graduate will extend to the school.

       In addition, it will match the rest of the school at their graduation ceremony. The recipient of your flowers will fit right in.

Pick Flowers With Meanings

   Floral arrangements can include cards, but why not send a second message with your choice of flowers? Flowers have been invested with symbolic meanings at many times and places, though Shakespeare and the Regency Era were probably most famous for it. There are many blooms with meanings a graduate will appreciate: Chrysanthemum for joy (both the graduate’s and yours,) apple blossoms for hope, chamomile for industry, red carnations for admiration, and bells of Ireland for good wishes. Throw in some bay wreaths to symbolize victory, and a student with an interest in the classics will have a message to smile about.

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