Black Friday Predictions 2013
Posted on November 27, 2013

What should we expect from this year’s Black Friday sales now that the holiday season has arrived? While we’ll expect stores to give the utmost in customer service, we’ll hope that consumers bring the same courteous behavior. What those consumers buy this year might surprise you according to emerging reports. While new tech is always in, there may be a tendency to want to buy slightly older items that will have some of the best markdowns ever seen.

Take a look at some products that may help pump up sales figures to levels we’ll hope are better than they have been.

Buying Slightly Older HDTV’s

According to Deal News, consumers may not be buying the new 4K HDTV’s in droves as expected. Instead, they may buy HDTV models from last year that will now be marked down to record prices. Last year, some big-screen models went as low as $179. This year, those who’ve been on the fence about buying a 3D HDTV will likely do so as those versions sell for much less than they ever have to date.

With expensive 4K HDTV’s not selling well this year, it may not be until next Black Friday when we tell whether they’re going to be accepted into the mainstream.

Slightly Older iPhones May See More Markdowns

Stores are expected again to have markdowns on iPhones, particularly refurbished older generation models. With the iPhone 5 now discontinued, consumers may grab those while they can, especially with prices that could hover around $50. It’s another example where consumers may focus on slightly older tech models from last year in order to gain the best deal. That could become a recurring trend as year-old electronics continue to have significantly lower markdowns each year.

The Same Discounts Apply to Gaming

With no deals expected this year on next generation gaming consoles, we’re likely to see the same thing happen here as with HDTV’s and iPhones. Last year’s consoles are expected to be marked down to half price if not even more than 80% off. It’s yet again an example of how fast things are moving in the electronics world. We’re at a point where anything just a year old will be considered cheaper goods in comparison to how it used to be a mere few years ago.

The World of Clothing

Shoes are expected to see a resurgence in sales this Black Friday based on extensive markdowns. However, many sites offering these deals know what they’re doing and won’t offer free shipping unless you buy more than $25 in items (as does). But many of those shoe sales will be with major brand names that usually are very expensive.

Significant markdowns on other clothing are expected to be quite common, including on popular clothing items during 2013. As with electronics, things that were popular during the year or last year will factor in once again. Fortunately, clothing doesn’t become quite as outdated as fast as electronics do. It’s why buying clothes on Black Friday this year may give you the best discounts you’ve ever experienced for top brands.

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