What the Consumers’ Choice Award (CCA) Provides to Local Businesses

A Standard of Consumer Trust

As an award for Customer Service Excellence, the CCA provides local businesses with special recognition that is both powerful and meaningful. Because the award is based on a survey of consumers with honest opinions across a wide demographic spectrum, the CCA represents a “Seal of Excellence” that shoppers can take trust and confidence in.

For over 35 years, since its founding, the CCA has provided businesses with the endorsement of millions of consumers. This third party endorsement cannot be bought but only earned by those businesses who put their customer first. It is through the unwavering belief in their employees and products and services, and a commitment to excellence that CCA companies achieve this Standard of Trust.

Competitive Advantage

The Consumers’ Choice Award provides recipient companies an effective way to differentiate themselves from the competition. The CCA logo has become a powerful symbol of business excellence for discerning consumers.

The CCA Promotional Program provides winning businesses the ability to leverage their special recognition in many ways. The licensed trademarks and logo are used effectively in both the marketing and advertising initiatives of participating businesses. Furthermore, the CCA promotes its recipients on its website and social and traditional media outlets.

Promotional materials such as CCA banners are used to proudly adorn showrooms and trade show exhibits. CCA decals and stamps are provided to be used on service vehicles, and marketing materials.

Employees take special pride in their company’s CCA recognition. It inspires and motivates them to remain customer focused in all they do. Above all, it empowers people to be part of a winning team!

CCA networking and educational business seminars provide businesses with the opportunity to learn winning strategies and to share resources to maintain competitive advantage.

Capture New Business

As part of our new business initiative, CCA companies have automatic enrollment in the Business Community Network (BCN). The BCN, comprised of hundreds of local businesses, is designed to bring like-minded local entrepreneurs together for the purpose of doing business with one another.   More than a networking organization, the BCN facilitates commerce among businesses through 3 powerful platforms. These platforms include: 1. Regular Meetings, 2. Web Based Initiatives and 3. Resource Sharing.

All three platforms will facilitate easy and efficient business transactions among members including; B2B commerce, leads and referrals. Moreover, the BCN will include company employees and families so that they can also take advantage of shopping for goods and services at often discounted prices.

Other Powerful Benefits

Through the CCA and its initiatives, participating companies will enjoy the opportunity to enhance their digital reach through shared blogs, SEO enhancement, digital marketing, press releases, and much more.

Through our broad network of businesses and vendors, CCA winners can take advantage of co-operative advertising opportunities, shared labor pools and resource sharing.

Interested in finding out what the Consumers’ Choice Award can do for your business? Check out what current and past award winners are saying here.

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