Attributes of employees that provide great customer service are behaviors centered on the customer.
Posted on November 1, 2012

Attributes of employees that provide great customer service are founded upon the awareness that the customer is at the center of everything the employee does. Those employees see customer service not as just a part of their job; rather, they know that the business could not exist without customers.

Since they know their livelihood depends on customer satisfaction, the employees who provide the best customer service concentrate all their efforts towards that end. The foregoing knowledge translates into behaviors that are attributes of employees that provide great customer service; to wit:

  • They know who’s boss. They listen to their customers, learn what the customer wants and respond accordingly.
  • They are exceptionally good listeners. They concentrate of what the customer is saying by closely listening to their words and picking up on how the customer feels without making assumptions. Customers have their undivided attention and never feel that the employee is preoccupied by other business or anxiety to engage another customer for more sales.
  • They anticipate and zero in on the customer’s needs. They make the customer feel appreciated and important.  They sincerely thank the customer every chance they get.
  • When something goes wrong, they apologize. They value customer complaints as an opportunity to improve.
  • They know the power and importance of saying “yes” to even difficult (but reasonable) requests shows the customer that doing business with them is easy. They always do what they say they will do.
  • They look to give something extra – more than expected. They look for ways to give the customer some service that the customer cannot get elsewhere. They follow up and thank their customers, even if the customer didn’t buy during that visit.
  • They are always on the lookout for feedback by listening carefully to what the customer says. They check with the customer periodically to make sure things are going well with the service or product.
  • If they supervise other employees, they treat those employees well. After all, those employees are “customers,” and they require a dose of appreciation and thanks. They know that treating employees and customers well is equally important.

So, in the final analysis, employees that provide great customer service keep customer satisfaction at the foundation, center and focus of everything they do. They blend in a seemingly intuitive knowledge of human nature with empathy and the above attributes, where their “whole” becomes much more than the sum of their parts.

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