Are You a Cyberchondriac?
Posted on February 12, 2015

Are You a Cyberchondriac?

Do you feel that you are coming down with something, or perhaps you are experiencing vague symptoms unfamiliar to you? At this time of year, people are especially vulnerable to all manner of viruses and germs. Many of us are reluctant to visit the medical clinic, since we feel that we are apt to expose ourselves to other peoples’ illnesses.

Before resorting to a healthcare professional, you may want to check out the Isabel Symptom Checker. This is an online resource that permits a patient to obtain a timely and accurate reading/analysis of their condition. This is especially vital in an era when GPs are in short supply, and more and more people are reluctant to visit a doctor- either due to time restraints, or for personal reasons. The system is helpful in ensuring the reduction of clinical risks, and is effective in arriving at a more accurate diagnosis. Together with your physician’s analysis of your condition, the online resource minimizes risks and compliments your doctor’s expertise.

The Isabel Symptom Checker is a search engine which resorts to specialized software that provides access to a vast database of 6,000 diseases. It is a highly sophisticated online medical diagnostic tool or calculator. It was founded by the parents of Isabel Maude, who was misdiagnosed in 1999 at the age of three. She had suffered from necrotizing fasciitis or flesh-eating disease-a complication of her chickenpox. Isabel had come close to death. Her excruciating experience could have been avoided had the medical personnel at the hospital taken the necessary steps to fully analyze the child’s situation, and arrive at a more comprehensive diagnosis. Rather than taking legal steps to censure the doctors, Isobel’s father cooperated with the doctors at the ICU, and as a result, the IsabelHealthcare diagnostic tool was created. Watch Jason Maude, the CEO and Co- Founder of the online resource explain how it came into being>

This diagnostic aide has been a boon in helping clinicians reduce errors in diagnosis. This resource places valuable medical info at your fingertips, and allows you to better understand your symptoms. It helps you transform the way you will speak to your doctor. By gathering relevant details such as gender, age, and symptoms, the online resource will come up with customized results. This system is used by medical personnel worldwide to help them accurately diagnose and treat patients. Owing to its availability, patients can now be more proactive by taking control of their own health, thereby working more effectively with their healthcare provider.

IsabelHealthCare can be employed with a symptom checker app, which can be used on your phone, giving you access to the system 24 hours per day. If symptoms are not very serious, the patient can treat him/herself at home rather than waiting to see a doctor. This also eliminates being exposed to potentially harmful pathogens at the clinic. When seeking a Health Professional, contact Consumers’ Choice Award winners: OhioHealth and TriHealth. For a consultation with a virtual doctor, check out>

Your health is in your hands!

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