Active Seniors Enjoy Longer, Healthier Lives – A Guide to Growing Smarter, Not Older
Posted on June 7, 2013

According to the EPA, where and how we choose to live makes a difference. It matters even more as we get older. Active seniors enjoy longer, healthier lives, in fact, up to 6 years longer, according to some studies! However, the communities they live in, and the home healthcare services they use must support their critical needs to be active, connected, and engaged.

Communities must include safe opportunities for walking, biking and other methods of getting moderate exercise, such as ready access to community pools and indoor spaces for exercise during inclement weather.  They must also provide ample opportunities for engagement and interactivity, preferably with individuals of all ages.  Having cafes, shops, grocery stores and entertainment venues within walking distance or within reach of readily accessible transportation options is critical to ensuring that seniors can remain active and engaged within their communities. Programs that support home healthcare needs and provide seniors with the ability to stay within their communities are key to maintaining independence and a longer, happier life.

Interim Health, one of Consumer Choice’s award winners for the Home Health Care category in Columbus, Ohio, is well aware of the unique needs related to aging, and is fully prepared to meet those needs head on. At Interim, it is not enough to simply offer appropriate activities and medical services.  They have developed a unique Homelife Enrichment program for the benefit of their elder home health care clients, including their “Pal2Pets“, “Brain Fitness and Fun” and “Healthy Movements” programs.  They also provide plenty of education on why it is so important for seniors to remain active and keep moving along with their classes, and teach seniors (and their caregivers) on the ways that exercise and engagement will improve both the quality of their lives as well as the number of years they have to enjoy it.

HomeReach, another Home Health Care Consumer Choice Award Winner, also focuses its efforts on providing home care services that allow aging adults to remain in their homes, maintaining the engagement and involvement that they have long enjoyed within the communities where they have spent so much of their lives. A division of Ohio Health, HomeReach offers 24/7 telephone support and extensive in-home programs that offer medication tracking, diabetes management, expert wound care, and patient education. HomeReach’s staff also includes a full complement of trained therapists who can assist all individuals to remain active and enjoy their lives to the fullest extent. HomeReach is also fully certified by Medicare and Medicaid and is covered by many private insurance programs.

What is the key to a longer, happier, healthier life for yourself or a loved one who is getting older?  Get moving; Stay involved in life, to whatever extent you are able to.  Get support from a quality home health care program so you can remain in your community.  And if you’re in Columbus, OH, check out one of our award winners.  They’ve gotten it right, and they are happy to share what they’ve learned.


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