A Penny for Your Thoughts: Why Your Two Cents Matter When it Comes to Customer Reviews
Posted on February 20, 2013

Nowadays, people usually go to the internet for the first scoop on products they’re thinking of buying. There are websites everywhere loaded with reviews for everything from shower curtains to video games to restaurant fare. It’s easy to share your two cents online too, and when it comes to the internet, your opinion matters.

How do I share my opinion?

To start, find a review site. This could be anything from Amazon to Yelp to the Consumers Choice AwardEveryone should have a chance to share their opinion, and with the internet as your medium, it’s possible, even if you aren’t a professional reviewer. Then, simply write down what you think or a rating if it’s applicable, and submit it to the website for review.

Why should I share my opinion?

Your opinion matters because it helps others decide whether they want to invest in that service or product. Think about it. In our capitalistic society, consumers vote with their wallets. If a product is terrible, no one will buy it…but this process speeds up if it’s clear that the product is lackluster to begin with. Your online review can help save hundreds of others from finding out on their own that a product is simply not worth their time.

But what if a product is great?

Great! That’s even more of a reason to write a good review. Good companies are more apt to make improvements to their products if lots of people are buying. To that effect, more people will buy if they see good reviews for the product they are considering purchasing.

So there you have it, a few good reasons for giving a penny for your thoughts. It’s easy to do, and it just might save someone else a lot of hassle in the mean time!


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