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Windows can improve indoor ventilation and allow more natural light into your space while enhancing the appearance of your home. When the time comes to update them with replacement windows, you might wonder which material to choose for the frames. Below, learn more about vinyl and wood windows, which are two of the most popular options among homeowners. 


Vinyl windows are typically made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is a type of synthetic plastic. This material is strong and durable, making windows practically impervious to rotting, warping, and impacts. Since insects cannot easily chew through the material, these frames also naturally resist pest damage. They’re easy to clean by washing away debris with a garden hose and, since they do not require painting, sealing, or refinishing, are typically easy to maintain over the years. 

Additionally, vinyl frames may include a polyurethane spray foam filling that provides insulation, which can prevent heat transfer between your home and the outdoors. This extra insulation will help keep your HVAC system from overworking and using excess energy to maintain your desired temperature, which can minimize utility expenses. 

They are available in a standard white color that can give your home a fresh and clean appearance. Alternatively, manufacturers now produce them in several other shades and hues, making them easy to match to both interior and exterior features of your residence.  


wood windows

Manufacturers usually make wood windows from natural hardwood species such as oak, cherry, or maple. These frames typically feature a finish and exterior cladding that makes them impervious to water damage, such as rotting, swelling, and warping. Sealing and refinishing every few years can make them even more resistant to moisture and prolong their life spans. 

Additionally, these windows often have interlocking seals and foam insulation that can form a weathertight barrier against the elements, keeping indoor areas dry and comfortable. Since this also prevents heat transfer, it can help you conserve energy and save money on utilities. 

Wood windows are available in a variety of colors, grain patterns, and finishes, making them easy to harmonize with interior features such as flooring, doors, and trim. You can also choose frames that match exterior wooden elements such as siding and shutters to create more visual cohesion in your home’s design. Overall, these windows can lend warmth and elegance to homes, making your residence more aesthetically pleasing. 


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