A Good Resume will Get your Foot in the Door
Posted on May 7, 2015

A Good Resume will Get your Foot in theDoor

In today’s very demanding and competitive job market, what is most required in order to get your foot in the door, is a resume that stands out amongst the countless others. If you cannot at first base, get a potential employer’s attention, your CV will end up in the virtual trash bin -with a click of the mouse. A great resume is the key to getting an interview, and having a better chance at landing the ideal job. Many employers quickly scan for the potential candidate, based on just a cursory computer search, involving a brief visual screening of the resumes they receive. The majority of such resumes are viewed online, and are usually then forgotten, unless something of interest immediately strikes the eye of the employer. In order to pass the employer’s critical scrutiny, the resume needs to be formatted, organized, and written in way that is instrumental in moving it beyond the initial screening process. Resumes are similar to a curriculum vitae, or CV. However, the CV is employed more often when applying for an academic, technical, or scientific position. The CV usually provides more detailed information-due to the nature of the position. Both CV’s and resumes should always include a cover letter which is an overview of your relevant work experience and most outstanding achievements. By mailing your CV to the company, care of the relevantly named official, you will almost surely get your CV to the hiring manager’s desk. Here are some great tips on making your resume stand out above the competition.

Be Clear and Concise

Employers want to be able to identifyimportant information fast. Make all words count, as emphasis is placed on how the needs of the employer can be met. Avoid the use of tired worn out expressions, such as, ‘team player’.  Resumes should never be written in first person; never use words such as I, me, and my. If in doubt, always verify spelling and grammar.

Use Specific Examples

Always use clear and powerful terms to describe accomplishments. The most persuasive resumes are those that give appropriate and accurate descriptions of an applicant’s accomplishments, pertaining to whatever field of work one is looking for. For instance, if looking for a job in accounting, an applicant should place emphasis on their strengths with numbers, percentages, cash flow, and balance sheets.

Use Action Verbs

Action verbs for resumes and professional profiles are relevant to your particular field of expertise. They should be used to show that the applicant took the initiative and actively participated in problem solving, and in the decision-making process. Action verbs highlight accomplishments and speak of your experience. Formanagement and leadership skills, words such as: appointed/approved/delegated/oversaw are appropriate.Research and technical action verbs should include- analyzed/extracted/solved/evaluated. Communicationand academic action verbs would include- addressed/clarified/drafted/participated/coached/guided.  These words are attention grabbers. They should always be in the past tense.

Use Keywords Strategically

Keywords are those specific words or phrases that job seekers use to locate employment, and employers look for, in order to find their potential candidate. Make sure not to use ‘buzzword bingo’, but be concise and specific. For example, rather than using a keyword such as retail, which is very broad, it would be better to zone in on a narrower focus such as the phrase sales manager. The online resume scanning operations look at applications, and are programmed to look for certain keywords. Most employers look for these words when they are reading over resumes as well. These words act as magnets that draw attention to your resume. Keywords name attributes that a qualified applicant must have. However, do not exaggerate the use of keywords on your resume. It is never acceptable to be dishonest on your resume. Employers will verify the information that has been given to them.  To find out more information on resume tips please visit our award winning staffing agencies  Cornerstone Staffing in Dallas, Texas and Acloche in Columbus, Ohio

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