A Christmas Gift Guide For the Man in Your Life
Posted on December 21, 2013

A perfect Christmas gift guide for the man in your life always seems to include the latest in electronics and gadgets that give the feeling of masculinity. This year, though, a little fashion managed to work into the trends list ahead of buying anything looking like a power tool.

Consider some of these unique gift ideas for your man when you’re out shopping through your local retail stores.

Samsung 50-Inch Plasma HDTV

Despite 4K HDTV’s being out this year, the prices are much too high to matter right now as a proper gift. Older 1080p plasma HDTV’s are still excellent for watching sports, and one that’s 50-inches (plus in 3D) will be a gift your man will love. Samsung is always a name you can trust with prices lowering considerably. Consider buying one locally at Starpower in Dallas, Texas. They won our Best Home Theater Award here at Consumers’ Choice Award.

Boxee TV

This nifty new DVR records TV and streams it to any Internet-connected device from the cloud. It’s part of the new cloud revolution that all gadget-loving men will appreciate having. You’ll ultimately put your man ahead of the tech curve buying him this device.

A Stylish Winter Coat

Buying a winter coat may sound overly common, but it’s one men will never tire of having. That’s especially true if they haven’t bought a new winter coat in a while and their old one is looking frayed. Suede is always a good choice because it does a better job of keeping a person warm. Leather is also perpetually stylish.

Beer of the Month Club

As much as coats never go out of style, beer is the same way. While perhaps not every guy will love beer, most of them will never turn it down. Getting a gift membership into the Beer of the Month Club would be the best gift ever for a man who’s a real beer connoisseur. Membership here also includes being able to obtain rare beers you can’t find locally.

Indoor Grill

Being able to grill indoors for the winter may be something that’s missing in your man’s life. He may be a supreme outdoor grill expert during the summer. If so, an indoor grill should be a must so it can become a year-round activity. Many top names produce indoor grills, including the bestselling champ, George Foreman. You can usually find these in local, independent retailers.


If you’ve never heard of these, they’re vinyl labels that go on charging devices. While you may think these wouldn’t go over well, they’re becoming very popular. Because the man in your life probably has numerous charging devices for his mobile tech, letting him dress them up for some fun can be a unique little stocking stuffer. All of the labels are removable.

Cashmere Sweater

Much like coats, cashmere sweaters are the perfect go-to gift when seeking out clothing for your man. That’s because they look stylish and can be worn anywhere without looking too casual. They also keep him warm when you’re both stuck in a cold location for hours.

A GPS System

Some men balk at buying a GPS system for the family car, maybe because of those pop culture jokes about the virtual female voices giving directions. If your man has held off for years buying a GPS system, now’s the time to buy. Prices are now very affordable.

An iPad Mini

All tech-loving men will go for a gift that comes from Apple. If you’re on a budget, buying an iPad Mini is a good compromise on price. He’ll still appreciate the gesture based on the strong features the Mini provides. It’s also much easier to carry when on the go, including in that new winter coat you gave him first.

UGG Boots

It used to be that UGG boots were what a man would buy for his wife. Now UGG boots for men are very fashionable. Because shoes don’t hold up well as a Christmas gift, having stylish boots like this will take your man by surprise and allow him to be stylish when you both go out and about for Christmas evening.

Horseshoe Cufflinks from Tiffany

Buying cufflinks may be something that you hadn’t thought of doing for your man. They’re a bit of a retro fashion statement that’s coming back into vogue recently. And Tiffany makes silver horseshoe cufflinks that would make your man stand out in a crowd. Even better, if he has any job interviews soon, these would make a fantastic impression.

Apple’s Time Capsule

Backing up data is essential, and if your man has neglected that on his computer, it’s time you gave him Apple’s Time Capsule. It also works as a Wi-Fi router so you can finally set up for Netflix streaming through your above Samsung HDTV.

$100 Best Buy Gift Certificate

Out of all gift certificates, one from Best Buy may be the most useful for your man if he’s a tech aficionado. With $100 at his disposal, he can buy some neat items at Best Buy, including accessories needed for the tech that already dominates every room.

Buying Two Tickets to a Sports Game

Imagine giving your man two tickets to go see the Super Bowl. Well, perhaps that’s reaching a bit far unless you have a large budget. Just two tickets to go see his favorite football or basketball team play in your local city can be a terrific gift idea. The second ticket doesn’t have to include you. Be sure to mention that the second one is for his best friend (likely male).

Camera Lens Mug

A trendy new way to drink morning coffee is in a camera lens mug. If your man is an avid photographer, this could be a unique gift he’ll appreciate and use for many years. Numerous companies produce these, so you can find one that’s designed in the lens style your man uses most often in his own photography.

A Money Clip

For the man who likes to carry actual cash around rather than just a credit or debit card, a money clip is still a gift that never goes out of style. Pick one that suits your man’s style and use it as a stocking stuffer. Or, if you’re the kind who gives a little cash as a gift, you can have the clip on the cash when he opens the package.

All of these will make the man in your life realize that you know him well. Plus, many of these gifts can be found in your local retail stores.

Go support your local stores this holiday season and nominate them here at Consumers’ Choice Award. You may help them win and give them the increased business they deserve.

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