Posted on December 13, 2021

9 Helpful Tips For Storing Your Christmas Decorations


When the holiday season is over, and it’s time to put away the decorations, it’s important to store them properly so they don’t break or tangle. Preparation now will help you next year, so you can avoid the hassle of untangling lights or finding that your decorations are damaged. 

Storing Tips

An important part of storing your decorations is where you choose to store them. 

If you’re short on storage and live in the Dallas area, Closets by Design are the pros that can help you. They design and install beautiful closets, shelving, and cabinets to maximize your space. 


Here are some ways to help make storing painless:

  1. Wrap light strands around pieces of cardboard. They can be easily unwound when Christmas rolls around again. 
  2. Hang wreaths on closet hangers and cover them with a plastic bag to keep them from getting dusty or damaged. 
  3. Use clear containers, so you know what’s in each box. That way, you don’t accidentally place heavy items on top of fragile ornaments. Clearly label each box if you don’t have clear bins.
  4. If you can’t fit your artificial tree back in its box, tie belts or fabric bands around the tree to keep the branches tight and in place. 
  5. Store your wrapping paper rolls vertically in a hanging garment bag. That will keep the paper from tearing or wrinkling, so they’re like new each year.
  6. Use under-the-bed storage containers for your ornaments. Keeping them under your bed will protect them from being crushed by other items in storage. 
  7. Use vacuum storage bags for holiday pillows and blankets. They’ll take up less room and won’t get dirty.
  8. Wrap garlands and ribbons around pieces of cardboard. For beaded garlands, store them separately in empty water bottles so they don’t get tangled or crushed. 
  9. Wrap fragile ornaments with tissue paper. Keep some of the packing materials that come with online orders to pad items and boxes for extra protection. 


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