6 Reasons Why You Should Join a Professional Organization: A Must in Today’s Business
Posted on August 3, 2016

6 Reasons Why You Should Join a Professional Organization: A Must in Today’s Business

An individual committed to his or her professional growth should consider joining a professional organization. Below is an outline of the 6 reasons why you should join a professional organization. As of 2015, an article written in Career Realism noted: “Networking has a 30-60% effectiveness rate. Referred people are less risk and have a higher retention rate.” With this in mind, an individual who is ready to take his or her career to the next level should consider making it a priority to associate with an organization.

Here are six reasons why professional organizations matter:

  1. Professional development. Professional organizations provide an opportunity for exposure to environments that foster growth and education. Many groups like, The Chamber of Commerce may present lunch and learns on industry specific topics such as leadership and technology. This is a great opportunity to share ideas, and learn the latest business trends. When you develop yourself as an expert, the knowledge that you acquire will accelerate your business.
  2. Build your network. Building your network will allow you to grow your business. In the Entrepreneur magazine article, it reports, “Networking is about forming and nurturing mutually beneficial relationships, which brings you new connections with large numbers of people, some of whom will become good customers.” This type of atmosphere connects you to other industry experts that can benefit your business.
  3. Promote your business. Organizations like Business Networking International, which is also known as BNIprovide small business owners the platform to receive warm referrals. Here, you can give your elevator pitch to obtain guaranteed referrals by other members, and vice versa.
  4. Community impact. Oftentimes, associations play a tremendous role in the community. This is a great opportunity for people to volunteer their services, which in return feels good: while promoting the organization and promoting themselves. By doing so, it allows an individual to plug into the pulse of the community, which creates awareness, and deeper connections.
  5. Find a job. When individuals join a professional organization, they can increase their job prospects, even if they have a job. Once people begin to connect with others, they may discover that their industry is looking to hire. This is a great way to uncover promotions or even obtain lateral moves.
  6. Make new friends and create partnerships. Joining a professional organization isn’t always all about work. This is a fantastic way to meet like-minded people in similar industries that share common goals, who in return can become life-long friends. Joint-ventures are often created by being a part of a local professional association, hence serving more customers and growing your enterprise.

Associations create a mutually benefiting experience. When one decides to join a professional organization, he or she has made a decision to grow both professionally and personally. Businesses that would like to learn more about how to position their businesses for excellence, please contact us here.

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