5 Ways to Celebrate Cinco De Mayo
Posted on May 4, 2016

5 Ways to Celebrate Cinco De Mayo


Cinco de Mayo is the day to celebrate all things Mexican and embrace our south-of-the-border heritage. Here are 5 fun, family-friendly and budget-friendly ways to celebrate Cinco De Mayo and bring out your inner Mexican side. Ole!

  1. Have a Build-Your-Own Taco Bar- Everybody loves tacos; maybe it’s the crunchy shell or maybe it’s the handy portability, but one thing’s for sure- tacos make a fun, fast, and easy meal anytime. Whether you’re having taco night at home or lunch at the office, all you need for the taco bar is some simple ingredients- taco shells, some meat cooked with taco seasoning, shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, shredded cheese and sour cream. You can even get a little fancy and add guacamole, pico de gallo, cooked shrimp, salsa- just use your imagination! Everyone can build their own perfect tacos and no one leaves hungry.
  2. Have a Famous Faces Photo Booth- What better way to honor some famous Mexicans and their contributions to the world than by dressing up like them? All you need for the photo booth is a few simple props, like a sombrero and a striped poncho. Need some inspiration from some famous faces? How about a mustache on a stick for Pancho Villa or thick eyebrows for Frida Kahlo?
  3. Take a Mexican Vacation From the Couch- If you’re lucky enough to have old slides and a projector from your or someone else’s Mexican vacation, then all you need is a blank wall or a bed sheet for a screen. If not, check out your local library’s selection of Mexican travel videos, or see what’s available on Netflix. To enhance the ambience, turn the lights down low, light some candles, play a little background music and munch on tortilla chips and salsa while you experience the wonders of Mexico.
  4. Make Your Own Pinata- Pinatas are the only craft that are as fun to destroy as they are to make! All you need is a balloon or two, some torn up tissue paper, glue and some candy to hide inside. Take a look at some online tutorials for really inspiring designs. For an educational twist, add some Spanish words and phrases on little strips of paper to hide inside along with the candy.
  5. Sip Some Margarita Samplers- Margaritas are delicious and refreshing, with or without alcohol. They are typically a lemon-lime flavor, but they can be made with a variety of citrus fruits, berries and melons. Try some new recipes and have a taste test to see which ones are the best. You can get a little fancy with them too, with salt-rimmed glasses and colorful paper straws.

If you’d rather go out and have fun, tons of Mexican restaurants will have food and drink specials as well as live music and mariachi bands. Wherever you find yourself on Cinco de Mayo, celebrate all things Mexican with your closest amigos. Arriba!

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