5 Great Tech Gifts For 2012
Posted on December 16, 2012

Anyone with a tech junkie in their life knows that when it comes to technology, new, bigger, faster and better items are always a big hit. But which tech gift is the best one to buy for technology lovers this Christmas? Make your holiday shopping easier this year with a quick review of this year’s must have gadgets, recommended by Bloomberg.com:

Wii U: Nintendo’s newest console is an entirely brand new idea in the world of gaming. Rather than squeezing more and more buttons and controls onto an already full console, Nintendo created a hand-held controller that acts similarly to a tablet, which includes a color touch screen. Wii U’s can be used to player in both multi-player games or used to play solo while someone else watches TV.

Sonos Sub: A little extra money will get shoppers a Sonos Sub, produced by Sonos. While normal Sonos speakers are fine and dandy for simple, vocal-heavy music, they fail to deliver a satisfying bass line during many rock anthems. The Sonos Sub, or subwoofer, offers additional bass support for a Sonos setup. It’s a great gift that will allow music lovers to hear their favorite songs the way they were made to be heard.

Livescribe Sky Smartpen with Evernote: Life is fast, and people often need to write or record information down fast. So help someone save paper and the fuss that comes about when looking for paper by purchasing a Sky Smartpen. This gadget lets people record conversations, take written notes and draw out any designs necessary. It then lets the user send the results to PCs, iPads and other mobile devices. There’s also file management and archival services available that makes this a perfect, nifty little gift for business folk and students alike.

Slingbox 500: Got a TV lover in your family? The Slingbox 500 will let them watch what’s on cable or what’s been recorded on someone’s cable or satellite box – while outside of the home. It’s the first new Slingbox in four years, and it’s been updated quite a bit, allowing users to connect through paid apps sold on Google Android, Apple iOS, Amazon.com‘s Kindle Fire and Microsoft’s Windows phone stores. The new features also shift content the other way in the home, letting users stream photos and other content off their device to the big-screen TV.

MacBook Pro [(13 inch) with Retina display]: Apple products are always going to be a hit with Apple lovers, so heads up if you know any: the MacBook Pro is the best available laptop from Apple at this time. It’s slimmed down, souped-up and high tech – in other words, it’s a state of the art, streamlined, compact computer that’s easy to run, maintain, and use. And as an added bonus, iit has an amazing Retina display.

Hopefully this list helps you navigate the new line of fun, technology-themed gadgets available this holiday season. A final tip of advice: choose carefully and make sure any tech gifts you choose for a friend or family member will be compatible with their currently used systems, i.e. setups such as PCs, Macs, tablets, and so forth.

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