Posted on August 9, 2020

Windows are one of those things we often take for granted in our homes. We don’t usually think about them until there’s a problem. Why wait until something goes wrong, consider replacing your windows today. Here are five reasons on how windows can benefit your home.

Energy Efficiency = Saving Money

Did you know that up to 30% of heat loss in homes is through windows? New windows can provide greater energy efficiency with improved glass, coating, insulating, and sealing technologies. Over time, houses settle, caulking and sealing dries out, and older windows may be less efficient at maintaining the temperature you want in your home. New windows will save you money on your winter heating and summer cooling bills.


New windows can add a lot of curb appeal to your home, especially if you’re thinking of selling or perhaps just for a fresh new look to enhance your space. A window upgrade is a home improvement that often boosts value. If you have mismatched windows that have been installed or replaced in the past, consider new, matching windows for a cleaner look or to better upgrade to your style. New windows can also help protect the inside of your home with updated UV-blocking coatings that are better at preventing fading and bleaching when the sun shines through to your hardwood floors and furniture.


Do you have a window you’d like to use but the sash never stays up, or one that’s too difficult to open? New windows can make it easy to open so you can enjoy a fresh spring breeze.

Ease of Cleaning

Window cleaning can move way up the list of household chores when you see how easy newer windows are to clean. Double-hung windows can have tilting sashes so you can lean into the room for easy cleaning, and many sliding windows have similar features so panes can open like doors for a quick clean. Some casement windows can slide along the rail for easy cleaning inside and out. 


New windows can make your home more comfortable and pleasant by reducing drafts and helping to block outside noises like traffic and lawnmowers. Some newer windows also feature improved impact resistance so you’re better protected from storm damage. 

Interested in updating your windows now? If you’re in the Cincinnati area, you’ll want to talk to the award-winners at Windows Plus or American WeatherTECHS. In Columbus, Rosati Windows is the award-winner to see. In the Atlanta area, contact North Georgia Replacement Windows, Inc. for superior service, or in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, make sure you try award-winning Clarity Windows or Statewide Remodeling, Inc. and you can’t go wrong.

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