5 Gifts for Administrative Professionals Day
Posted on April 26, 2016

5 Gifts for Administrative Professionals Day 

During the last week of April every year, offices around the country celebrate their favorite administrative professionals. Admins are often the lifeblood of any organization. They handle a host of responsibilities, from creating presentations and answering phones to managing schedules and ordering office supplies, generally ensuring that managers, executives, and other personnel can perform their jobs effectively.

To acknowledge the tireless work of this often unrecognized force in the workplace, the National Secretaries Association, now known as the International Association of Administrative Professionals, helped organize a week of appreciation back in 1952. For over 60 years, coworkers and executive have showered administrative professionals with cards and flowers. The holiday has since expanded from Secretaries Day to include “more than 22 million administrative and office support professionals working in the United States” (IAAP), so why not branch out with one of these less traditional gifts on Administrative Professionals Day?

1) Give an experience.

Perhaps your favorite admin is a sports fan, a theater buff, or a zoo fanatic. If you interact with them, you should have some idea what gets them excited, and if not, it shouldn’t take much sleuthing to uncover their interests. Tickets to a ball game or a premiere can create a memory that even the most beautiful bouquet cannot rival.

2) Give time.

A day off, or even a few hours, can reinvigorate a stressed admin and show that you truly value their hard work and constant attention to detail. If you aren’t in control of paid leave, perhaps you can recommend it to your boss or even partner with your coworkers to donate time off or volunteer to cover the admins’ duties if these options are available in your organization. The recipient of an unexpected day off certainly won’t forget the gesture any time soon.

3) Give energy. 

While you likely have a coffee maker at the office, it probably doesn’t pass muster next to a finely crafted cup of your admin’s favorite caffeinated beverage. Picking up coffee (or tea or whatever is appropriate) shows that you care enough to stop on their behalf. Getting the drink right shows that you care enough to notice their preferences. Or you could play it safe and bring in a carafe to energize the entire office.

4) Give words. 

A greeting card with your signature and a short note says that you made an effort. You can take it a step further, however, with a thoughtful memory about a specific instance when your favorite administrative professional made your job, or your life, easier. A heartfelt note says that you invested some thought and time into your gift of appreciation. If you combine notes with your coworkers, you might consider creating something more substantial, like a memory book.

5) Give flowers. 

They are classic, after all. If you take the time to know what flowers your admin prefers, the gesture will mean even more.

No matter how grand your gift, the best way to show appreciation is to recognize the value of your administrative professionals throughout the year. It is just one small way to keep up morale across the office.

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