5 Bathroom Remodeling Trends for 2013
Posted on January 18, 2013

Simple is the perfect word to describe the five [5] Bathroom Remodeling Trends for 2013.  It appears that light plays a major role in the way people are remodeling their bathrooms, as well as incorporating energy efficient designs.  These trends help to create a bathroom that is incredibly beautiful through a few dramatic touches here and there that create a modern feel.

The focal point of any bathroom is the mirror.  You can make this focal point stand out even more by increasing its size and framing it in a creative way.  Mirrors are also used to create the illusion of a larger space.  They also help to bring more light into the room.  Expect to see many homeowners bringing additional mirrors into their bathrooms this year.

Light is another important feature in the bathroom. Generally, the more light that is available, the better.  Consider creating a window if the room has no windows or only a small window.  Don’t be surprised when you see extra lighting accessories in the bathroom as well, such as a chandelier.  Chandeliers create a layered lighting effect that’s perfect for the bathroom.

Clutter makes any space look smaller and less inviting.  Simple storage solutions are in demand for the 2013 bathroom.  There are many options for storage in a bathroom that lend their clean lines to the look of the room.  If the room is large enough, additional cabinets are a good option.  If you are considering replacing your vanity, look for a replacement that has many drawers and cupboards to keep things out of sight but accessible.

There are even improvements being made to toilets.  The trend is to reduce the amount of water that’s needed for flushing, resulting in low-flow and dual-flush toilets.  Many companies are now selling toilets that are built into the wall.  This not only minimizes the space needed for the toilet, but it also is a more attractive and minimized option.

Finally, the floor of the bathroom can set the tone for the room. The design of tile has blossomed into various patterns, including stone and even wood.  Changing the floor in your bathroom gives the room a beautiful, modern appeal.  Tile is also beautiful when used in the shower as a mosaic or as a vanity backsplash.  It’s a decorative piece that is functional as well as easy to keep clean.

A few of these changes made to any bathroom will give it an entirely new look.  They create an effect that can be summed up in two words: Simplified Beauty.




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